We do have Skitrax in our vehicles to monitor the time spent on site. Reports are available. Labour spent on site will be adjusted accordingly when the job is completed

Guarantee on Returns & Replacements
Products carry the warranties as listed below and will be replaced or refunded based on the conditions below. When installation is done for HDMI Distribution Equipment (Splitters, Extenders, Switches & Converters) an accredited / professional installer needs to be used for installation otherwise no faulty returns will be accepted if damage arises from improper installation and usage. Please consult your display and source / player manufacturer to ensure their products support HDMI Repeater devices (any switch, splitter, extender etc) between source/player and display and whether they can provide a firmware or software upgrade in the case where an incompatibility is experienced. Conditions and exclusions are listed below. High quality surge protection plugs must be installed on any HDMI equipment and all equipment connecting to your HDMI network to protect your equipment from electrical spikes and surges.

Warning!!: Never connect and disconnect HDMI cables and equipment while your devices are powered on (hot plugging cables). The HDMI cables carries a low DC voltage while connected. You will damage your equipment and the HDMI Distribution equipment while hot-plugging cables which will not be replaced under the manufacturer's guarantee. Power-off all equipment before changing HDMI cables or when installing new HDMI Distribution Equipment. Ensure that cables are gently inserted while changing cables and do not force or twist cables while inserted into the hdmi socket on your LCD or distribution equipment. By twisting cables, the 19 pins inside the HDMI cable can overlap and damage equipment HDMI ports. Ensure cables are not hanging from equipment and are neatly fastened using cable ties or any other way to prevent bending / damage on HDMI ports caused by hanging cables.